We have been greatly concerned about the negative impact on the environment that the clothing industry is responsible for, so we are trying to minimize it by utilizing and developing new technologies that minimize the environmental impact of the clothing and textile industries. The more these textiles and processes are used and discussed the more in demand they will become. 

Through the creation of our uniquely milled, recycled and bamboo charcoal And organic fabrics we keep trash out of landfills and push the envelope in high tech textiles.  We choose to innovate with recycled materials, up cycling all of our scrap fabric, using high tech and efficient printing practices as well as utilizing biodegradable mail order packaging!


But why you ask?

 -The fashion and apparel industry is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world! 

-Our textiles use 90% less water and create 71% less Carbon Footprint then leading competitors.

- Each Together pair of pants saves at least 10 water bottles from going to a landfill.